Build a thriving customer community.

A full-featured community platform, purpose-built to drive customer success

Leverage the power of community to measurably improve customer engagement and self-service in Customer Success. With Digital Hub, you can create long-lasting relationships and advocates for your business products, access invaluable feedback by opening-up your roadmap to user generated ideas and ideation requests, and stay ahead of support tickets and questions by enhancing your self-service capabilities.

Build a beautifully branded, online community.

Build lasting customer relationships

Drive customer engagement and facilitate stronger relationships with and amongst customers and brand with a fully customized customer community.

Full-Featured Community

Everything you need to build engagement in one central location— advanced Q&A, discussions, product feedback, events, and more!

Fully Customizable

Adjust colors, fonts and add custom HTML and CSS. Integrate external sources like status pages, social widgets, and forms.

Events and User Groups

Complete the experience with groups and events that build more meaningful relationships with your customers.

Gamification Engine

Boost engagement with badges, tiered ranking and point systems, leaderboards, likes, and integrations with external sources.

Community Analytics

Make data-driven decisions with deep insights and custom reports on content, forums, feedback, members, gamification, and more!

Advanced Moderation

Easily scale with advanced workflows to monitor, edit, move, archive and delete community content, users, roles, and access.

Drive self-service with a powerful knowledge base.

Take pressure off support and CSMs

Create a seamless self-service experience for your customers with a knowledge base that combines your own help content with content generated by your users and community.

Rich Media Articles

Embed music, videos and interactive content from your favorite platforms (YouTube, Vimeo, Spotify, Typeform, etc.) in our intuitive text editor.

In-App Enagement and Support

Help users find the answers they’re looking for directly from your website or within your app’s user interface with our embeddable widget.

Content Ratings

Allow users to mark best answers, give feedback, and rate how helpful content really is.

Fast Search and Easy Access

Get the most relevant content to your users faster with smart search suggestions and the ability to embed content across your website.

Moderation and Monitoring

Stay on top of newly created content, choose what goes live and when, and understand the most successful content in your knowledgebase.

Multiple Knowledge Bases

Create multiple knowledge bases for different regions or brands. Each one is unique so you can manage permissions and customize themes accordingly.

Create transparent feedback processes.

Build products your customers love

Centralize all your product feedback on one transparent platform and get deep, actionable insights into customer wants and needs.

Centralize Feedback

Provide customers with a central hub to share ideas and feature requests and vote on their favorite ideas and concepts.

Publish Product Updates

Share all of your product updates and release notes in one, dedicated location where customers always know to look.

Close the Loop

Allow users to easily subscribe to product updates and tag specific users to acknowledge their contributions.

Stay Organized

Categorize feedback, assign owners, and manage expectations by sharing important status updates.

Prioritize Your Roadmap

Drive roadmap decisions by prioritizing feature requests based on votes and likes or filter ideas based on potential ARR.

Build Betas and Boards

Put feedback at the core of your decision making by creating private beta groups and building customer advistory boards.

Digital Hub Pricing


Drive customer retention, growth and advocacy with the all-in-one customer community and engagement platform.

Pricing and Packages
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