Orchestrate and automate customer outcomes.

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The world’s #1 customer success platform.

Turn your customers into your best growth engine with Gainsight’s pioneering customer success platform. With CS Essentials, you can get a comprehensive view of your customer overall health and likeliness to renew based on activity, sentiment, and more, and get early warning system of trends and risks so you can act early to reduce churn and empower your team to scale with proven actions that deliver outcomes.

Turn insights into actions with a centralized 360 view of every customer.

Deliver the value customers expect

Giansight’s Customer 360 gives you a comprehensive view of your customers’ health, trends, risks, and more. Combined with Gainsight Home, your CSMs have complete control over the tools and data they need to maximize productivity and results.

GS Essentials

Consolidate Your Data

Consolidate data from multiple sources into a central view, enabling teams to easily access a 360 view of customers and their specific experience with your organization.

Provide a Wholistic View

Create a complete assessment of health across all types of interactions and data, from CSM Assessments to Product Usage trends and more.

Design Multiple Layouts

Design multiple 360 layouts to show the right view depending on your customer’s attributes or a specific user’s role.

Align Cross-Functionally

Enable your cross-functional team to align on outcomes by surfacing key insights in the tools they use everyday, such as your CRM, Slack, or video conferencing platform.

Turn Insights Into Actions

Use customer health as your early warning system, and drive targeted playbooks and automated outreaches when changes occur.

Drive a Consistent Journey

Gainsight Home provides CSMs with a single, centralized view of the most important insights and action items for their entire customer portfolio.

GS Essentials

Feel confident and prepared with comprehensive and accurate health scores.

Never miss a renewal or expansion

Gainsight’s health scorecards help you proactively monitor and manage customer health with a holistic framework that provides the data your team needs to to act with clarity and precision.

Combine Multiple Data Sources

Avoid missing key customer data by bringing in information from your CRM, support ticketing software, product usage data, and more.

Customize to Your Needs

Eliminate inaccuracies and guesswork with a health score framework based on the signals and data that are important to you.

Automate Actions with AI

Prevent unexpected churn with proactive alerts and targeted playbooks that automate outreaches based on changes in customer health.

Deliver a personal touch at scale with the right data, workflows and playbooks.

Optimize your CSMs’ day-to-day

Whether you’re scaling CSM capacity, building a robust digital-led model with automated engagements, or adding efficiency into your teams team’s day-to-day, Gainsight can help solve your unique needs and challenges along every step of your CS journey.

GS Essentials

Log Notes, Emails and More

Log and view your customers’ entire chronological history, including notes, updates, and touchpoints to better understand their unique journey.

Build Your Digital-Led Motion

Launch personalized, automated emails based on customer attributes such as health score, product usage, survey results and lifecycle stage.

Drive CSM Effectiveness

Eliminate guesswork with detailed reports that show how teams spend their time and which activities have the greatest impact on customer success.

Scale with Proactive Playbooks

Scale your team’s actions with proactive alerts that can automatically trigger workflows and playbooks that are proven to drive success.

Align with Customer Goals

Work with your customers to define their desired outcomes, then develop a strategic plan of action to guide them to succeed together.

Build Reports and Dashboards

Explore trends and share critical insight with industry-leading reporting and dashboards.

Start and Scale with Simple Pricing and Packaging.


CS Essentials

For growing businesses and customer success organizations with under 10 teammates that need a shared view of customers.

CS Essentials Plus

For teams looking to scale and optimize their customer success organization to deliver improved value and outcomes.

Unlimited Slack, MS Teams, Mobile Access
Customer 360
Survey Reporting
Horizon AI Analytics
Email Automation
Single-Step Automation
Multi-Step Automation
Minimum Users
Included Customers
CS Essentials Plus customers also have access to:
  • A named Customer Success Manager
  • A fractional Customer Success Solutions Consultant to help offset admin costs and complexity via both strategy and hands-on data and operational support.

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