Your success is our success

From implementation to outcomes, we’re here to ensure your Gainsight experience delivers max value… and some fun, too.

Success for All

The power of world-class customer success. Without feeling overpowered.

Building a world-class customer success experience can be hard, no matter the size or stage of your company. With Gainsight Essentials, we’ve made it easier with a prescriptive solutions and best practices focused on helping you start and scale your customer success journey while leveraging the worlds most powerful and flexible platform.

Why Gs Section 4

For Startups and SMBs

Experiencing common challenges around adoption, visibility and retention? Gainsight Essentials help you quickly plan and implement your customer success foundation.

For Accelerating Scale-Ups

Ready to scale your customer success organization? Gainsight’s power and flexibility can help manage increasing complexity while driving efficient growth.

For Enterprise Teams

Tap into the full breadth and depth of our enterprise platform by starting with Essentials, then expand into more features and capabilities as your organization matures.

From baby steps to big leaps, Gainsight has you covered.

Customer success is a journey, not a destination. No two paths are exactly the same. With Gainsight Essentials, you can start and scale your journey at the pace that suits your needs - and your customers’ needs - most efficiently and effectively.

Strategy and Planning

Our team of experts is here to help you uncover exactly how to setup your Gainsight solution to achieve your desired outcomes.

Implementation and Onboarding

Your implementation will include all the right resources aligned at each phase so that you launch what you set out to accomplish.

Customer Success

Gainsight’s customer success team will work hand-in-hand to keep you on track and operationalize and optimize your strategies.

Education and Training

From product knowledge to industry best practices, Gainsight has the training and resources to certifiy or hone your skills.

Best Practices

Look to Gainsight's and our ecosystem for proven ideas that create momentum and introduce new strategies into your program.

Community & Mentorship

Our community is your community. Learn from peers and get guidance from pros who have already walked a few miles in your shoes.

Backed by an intuitive experience for all.

Gainsight continuously improves its user experience and interface so that everyone on your team — from execs, to sales reps, to product and customer success teams — can quickly see and take action on critical customer insights.

Company-Wide Executives

Provide cross-functional visibility to customer data in order to ensure customer success is priority for your entire business.

Customer Success Operations

From part-tme admins to full-time CS Ops profesional, there’s a reason why most customer success evangelists are also Gainsight evangelists.

Customer Success Managers

Our team is always obsessing over improving the day-to-day user experience of Gainsight, from executing basic tasks to building data-rich dashboards and reports.

Made even better with people and processes

Keep your program on track with constant access to nine resource types including consistent customer success touchpoints each month. We also have options for you to access to a full team Gainsight experts who have your back throughout your growth journey.

Customer Success Managers

Our customer success teams are both strategists and concierges. We match the right resource to each of your questions so you get quick information and answers.

Customer Success Data Architects

If you need more hands-on support, our Essentials Plus package provides a fractional configuration resource to help kickstart your first year in the Gainsight platform.

Digital Tools and Resources

Self-service content and tools are always at-the-ready. As a customer, you'll also get plugged into the most collegial and spirited community in the industry.