Build products your customers looovvveee.

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Customer Success Starts with Product Success

In the world of SaaS and the Cloud, your customers’ experience using your product is essential to their ability to provide the value and outcomes they expect-and to your ability to retain and grow their business. PX Essentials provide you with deep insights into user activity, helps you collect valuable product feedback, and lets you create in-app engagements, walkthroughs and guides to improve onboarding and adoption.

Uncover meaningful insights with powerful analytics.

Know exactly what users are doing

Quickly hone in on friction points in your product-like where users are falling off or getting stuck. Combined with contextual feedback, this insight helps you determine where you need interventions to drive adoption- as well as what to build next.

PX Essentials
PX Essentials

Improve onboarding and adoption with personalized in-app engagements.

Drive users to your stickiest features

Build beautiful, intuitive in-app guides, alerts, resource centers, and automated email workflows to engage users with targeted messaging that drives the adoption of your most valuable features and drives awareness of new ones.

Collect feedback and take action in real-time.

Close the loop in seconds, not days

Gainsight PX’s in-app feedback enables you to round out your customer and product feedback program by collecting survey feedback where your users spend the majority of their time — within your product itself.

PX Essentials

And more...

Take advantage of the most complete user analytics and product experience platform available today!

Native Mobile Capabilities

Track usage data and integrate analytics and engagements across both web-app and mobile.

Native Email Integration

Trigger automated emails based on usage (or non-usage) natively within the application.

Automatic Instrumentation

Save time and engineering resources with instant product feature mapping that includes retroactive tracking.

Multi-product Capability

Trigger notifications based on usage (or non-usage) natively within the application.

Codeless Creation

Design and deploy rich in-app engagements without developer resources.

Advanced Engagements

Sophisticated engagement toggling based on nuanced and historical user behavior.

PX Essentials Pricing

Product Experience

PX Essentials

For teams looking to scale and optimize their customer success organization to deliver improved value and outcomes.

PX Essentials Includes:
Unlimited User Licenses
Support for Web, Mobile and Desktop Apps
Product Analytics
In-App Guides and Engagements
Surveys and Feedback

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