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The movement has evolved: success for all

As Cloud and SaaS business models have permeated nearly every global industry, customers value has become the fabric that weaves together every pre- and post-sales motion in the modern growth engine. Pioneers of the customer success movement, today Gainsight is leading the next wave of innovation with initiatives like Essentials, helping companies of all shapes and sizes build their customer flywheel.

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Net Retention is the North Star

As the core measurement of the health of a company’s customer base, Net Retention Rate (NRR) has become the most important financial and business metric for driving valuation multiples and market cap for today’s leading SaaS companies.

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Gainsight fuels your modern growth engine with the unstoppable power of customer success

As the world’s only SaaS platform that combines the power of Product-Led Growth, Customer-Led Growth and Community-Led Growth, Gainsight is purpose-built to accelerate revenue growth for companies with Cloud or SaaS business models – no matter what stage or size.

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Essentials helps companies at all stages put the customer first.

Whether you’re just beginning or ready to go all-in, Gainsight Essentials provides a prescriptive path to start and scale your customer success practice while fast-tracking time-to-value.

Designed to deliver a simple experience for everyone

Customer success requires inputs and insights from across your organization. Whether you’re an executive, a sales rep, a product manager or a CSM, Gainsight’s intuitive UI makes it easy to deliver the right information to the right people and the right time.

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Executives and Leaders

Get visibility on customer health and align your entire organization around growth opportunities within your customer base.

Customer Success Operations

Leverage the industry’s most sophisticated customer success platform to configure the exact experience you envision for your internal teams and customers.

Marketing Teams

Easily identify and engage with customer advocates and turn their enthusiasm for your products into net-new demand from your market.

Customer Success Managers

Turn insights into actions with the most powerful toolset for CSMs, simplifying how they deliver outcomes for your customers.

Revenue and Sales Teams

Create a high performing process for renewals, and know exactly how and when to engage on expansion opportunities.

Product Teams

Access robust product analytics and drive engagement with in-app guides that help achieve true product-led growth.

But it’s so much more than that...

Customer Success started as a concept, became a movement and has been compounded by the passion of hundreds of thousands professionals who have turned it into the community it is today. We’re in it to win it when it comes to delivering customer value and invite you to join us in charting the next phase of the customer success journey.

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Yep, we even wrote the book(s). Order your copies today!

Over the past decade, Gainsight has authored and published three international best-sellers on Customer Success that have become required reading for both leaders and practitioners at thousands of Cloud businesses around the world.
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But don’t just take our word for it...

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